Your Ownership Portion

50% of all NFT mint sales will be directly used to crowdfund whiskey cask ownership. Whiskey casks as an investment are often hard to gain access to as an individual without significant capital committed. Whiskees NFTs bridge the gap and allows more opportunity for whiskey cask ownership to a greater number of individuals.

The crowdfunding cask ownership stake by each individual is directly proportional to 50% of the value of your NFT mint purchase(s). This is determined by converting 50% of ADA value you purchased into USD directly following the NFT mint. The official ADA price to USD ratio at time of mint will be set by the team and released for transparency.

An example table is below for reference:

***This table is only an example, actual mint prices will be announced at a later date. Prices above assuming an ADA price of $0.40 USD***

It is important to note that if NFTs are traded on secondary markets after the mint, the original USD minting price for your tier of NFT(s) (see table above) will still represent the USD value of original cask ownership regardless of the NFT after market price. This price will be used to determine % ownership of all casks based on 50% of the total value of the mint sale.

If after the mint you sell your NFT on the secondary market you are NO LONGER entitled to returns from planned future cask sales and NFT owner DAO votes as these features and benefits would instead transfer to the new NFT owner.

Please refer to the table above for an example of your USD value based on the NFT’s purchased. See the next section for some practical examples.

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