Mint Sale - Public

Whiskees NFTs will be released in phases according to community and market demand. Our first Pre-Sale of only 555 Whiskees NFTs is planned for early April 2023.

These will be the absolute RAREST NFTs of our collection and will come with some unique features and added bonuses. Don’t miss your chance to own some rare whiskey casks by simply owning a Whiskees NFT.

Following the Whitelist sale, we will open up any remaining Whiskees NFTs to the public on Friday April 7, 2023 (Exact time is TBD) with no limits on the amount to purchase. The mint will take place directly on our website by connecting your Cardano wallet using NMKR Pay. You'll be able to purchase your Whiskees NFTs in ADA, DJED, ETH, SOL, or with credit card.

Stay tuned to our Medium page for more details!

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