Why Whiskey?

Whiskey or Whisky is a highly valuable dark distilled spirit that is made from a variety of grains and wooden barrel-aged for at least a few years. This aging process imparts oak or wood flavors, darkens the liquor and mellows out the harsh alcohol allowing for a smooth yet flavorful drinking experience that has been enjoyed and sought after for hundreds of years. Whiskey/Whisky is distilled throughout the world, most popularly in Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada, and Japan (amongst others) according to very specific and varying country standards.

As with other liquors, the longer the whiskey is barrel-aged the more valuable it becomes until it is bottled, sold, and consumed (HODL mentality). It has become a luxury item to many and it is not unusual to be enjoyed at special events or occasions where people will open a 5, 10, 20, 30, or even 50 year old bottle to celebrate.

The aging process creates rarity and also limits the supply of what is available from different distilleries for consumers to purchase at one time depending on when the whiskey is bottled from the cask.

Owning whiskey casks can be very lucrative as the contents only increase in value with every year it ages.

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