0% Team Portion

The Whiskees NFTs team does not have an ownership stake in the crowdfunded aging whiskey casks, 0%. We also do not profit from the future sales of the whiskey casks after aging maturation. This unique utility and benefit belongs SOLELY to Whiskees NFT’s owner(s) in a community DAO structure.

Instead, the Whiskees NFT team will simply be the executors of the NFT owners decisions based on the NFT owners DAO vote which the team will help to establish and setup on the Cardano blockchain. We want to empower the community to own this decision on whether to sell, keep, or potentially even bottle the whiskey casks as they become mature. In the spirit of decentralization as a Whiskees NFT owner you get to decide!

The Whiskees NFT team does not profit in any way from the cask portion of the project and are instead paid through the NFT portion of the mint sale for our work on the art, idea, and commitment for the NFT launch and continued maintenance of the project moving forward post mint. In addition, we will profit from any royalties made in secondary sales markets.

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