High-Level Overview

Whiskees NFTs© are a realistically fun and unique hand-drawn collection of 10,000 Cardano blockchain based artwork NFT’s. The artwork is inspired by a love and passion for all types of aged whiskeys, whiskies, or as we prefer… Whiskees and represents the many differences in locations, people, and ways to enjoy a glass or bottle. Whiskees NFTs are not only a fantastic collection of artwork, but also a way for NFT owners to have crowdfunding partial ownership in aging whiskey casks.

This offers real world utility to NFT owners for a highly desirable and unique asset and provides the opportunity, but not guarantees, for returns upon future whiskey cask sales which have traditionally appreciated between +15-20% increase per year. This return on your NFT investment would be paid in ADA directly to you as the NFT owner when the casks are sold at different time points after a community vote.

  • 50% of your NFT mint purchase goes to buying a unique piece of art.

  • 50% of your NFT mint purchase will be used for crowdfunding ownership in aging whiskey casks.

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