Rarity Tiers & Description

Whiskees NFTs will be created in 6 rarity tiers at descending price points to accommodate for all types of owners and Whiskees lovers.

You choose which rarity tier you want to mint according to your desired amount of whiskey cask ownership!!!

In addition to the 6 rarity tiers, there will also be additional rarity within each tier itself. This increased rarity may be different cityscapes (36+), luxury condo items, pets, abstract NFTs within the NFT, or other differences.

It’s important to note that no matter the rarity, your whiskey cask ownership percentage will ALWAYS be equal to 50% of that respective Whiskees NFTs mint price, never more, never less. A table will be released after the mint to show exactly what percent of the mint each NFT from each rarity tier is worth compared to the overall collection.

Rarity TiersDescriptionNFT Quantity% of Series

The 1%

The rarest NFT in the series to show off your elite Whiskees status surrounded by some of the most iconic locations and things crypto can buy. All your years of NFT trading, HODLING, and APEing have finally paid off and you find yourself in the elite 1%. You know you’ve made it and you look out, relax, and sip on the finest 40 year aged whisky ever made… celebrating your success.

Mint Price: $1000



Angels Share

This rarity tier pays an homage to the ~2% of spirits, or Angels Share, that are lost in a cask per year as part of the aging process through evaporation. As an owner of this NFT you consider yourself a whiskey connoisseur and surround your life with everything this has to offer. You exclusively plan your travels and days around all things whiskey. You know every Scottish distillery, bourbon trail, and through one sip can tell every region from around the world where a whiskey was distilled. You look out and find yourself enjoying your current glass and pondering the next rare bottle you’ll be enjoying tomorrow.

Mint Price: $800



Master Distiller

You think of yourself as a near whale in the Cardano NFT world, climbing further to the top with every NFT purchase. You live a life full of wisdom, adventure, and exotic travel and enjoy the finer things. Your tastebuds are close to fully developed and you have a few favorite distilleries from nearly every prominent whiskey producing country around the world. You sip and marvel at how awesome your life is, and will continue to be, as you resume your ascent to the top. Cheers indeed.

Mint Price: $600



Master Blender

You crave the big iconic city vibes and regularly find yourself on different continents taking it all in. London, Paris, New York… they all speak to you and how you live your life. You enjoy a quality Speakeasy or night club and whiskey is always your go to. Sophisticated, stylish, and authentic are all words that resonate with your soul. You sip your drink and look out over the vibrant city life waiting for that Uber to take you on the next grand adventure.

Mint Price: $300




Against the grain and off the beaten path are the ways you forge forward in life. The ‘normal’ is boring and you prefer an eclectic and exotic adventure of spontaneous fun, reflected in the Cardano NFTs you own. You see your mixologist as a captivating artist crafting your whiskey drink as an experience for your enjoyment. People may not understand you, but you don’t give a F*ck. You gaze at the uniqueness of the place you find yourself looking out upon and can’t wait to see where the world takes you tomorrow.

Mint Price: $100




You are a hidden gem and rising star on your way to Whiskees awesomeness. You are proud of where you have been and are excited about where you are going next. You just 10x’ed your last Cardano NFT purchase and seem to be making all of the right decisions lately, it’s clicking and vibing. You pump the tunes up higher and take another swig. Damn it’s good, you think to yourself as you check the whiskey label remembering to grab that bottle again as you begin to know what you like. You look out at the world and know it’s your oyster and are ready to make it whatever you want. You got this!

Mint Price: $50



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