🏦The Treasury

A significant portion of the total ADA collected for the mint sale will be set aside to establish a treasury that will be used for the project as needed throughout its development and life. These funds will be used for any future utility or features that the Whiskees NFT’s community DAO wishes to establish.

One big ticket item will be the setup of the cask voting mechanism to ensure a DAO structure is followed for a decentralized community voice. We will look to provide the utmost transparency on where and how these funds will be used for NFT owner benefits.

The funds in the treasury will be split between ADA and a Cardano based stable coin if available at the time of mint (such as DJED). This is to provide treasury protection and risk management from any downward price action on ADA while still being exposed to any upside that may also occur. There have been too many project examples that did not use proper risk management with treasury or development funds and we hope to learn from those mistakes for the DAO’s benefit.

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