🙌The Future

We have high hopes and visions for Whiskees NFTs and real-world utility and are exploring all potential options and benefits for Whiskees NFTs owners. We have quite a few ideas up our sleeves and will be implementing them or getting community feedback in the coming months.


We realize the value that the Cardano Community and other NFT projects may be able to bring to Whiskees NFT’s and what we may be able to provide for these projects. We are reaching out and exploring all possible avenues to best fit our future owners and long term visions of the project. This may include whitelist opportunities, NFT giveaways, collaborations, or even staking rewards. If you have an ideas or suggestion please join our Twitter or Discord and reach out!


We have published a roadmap on our website that the team will regularly update to ensure the community has a good understanding of project timing and direction as we progress forward.

Additional NFT Drops or Collections

The team is dedicated to our community and expanding that community through future NFT drops if there is significant demand. We are not making definitive plans for a future drop or collection but will listen to our community's voice and gather all feedback to help grow Whiskees NFTs together.

Wen Token?

A Whiskees NFTs token is in development and will be used to bring some additional utility to our community as we wait for the whiskey casks to age and appreciate in value. This tokens primary purpose will be to act as a 'rewards' token and will be emitted to Whiskees NFTs holders on a monthly basis. The exact amount of tokens you will receive will depend on the Whiskees NFTs rarity tier(s) and the total amount of NFTs you own.

More details regarding the token will be release via or Medium page as we get closer to the Pre-Sale mint.

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