The Casks

Through a collaboration and knowledge sharing with dedicated whiskey experts the casks to be purchased through crowdfunding will provide the highest value and returns for owners focusing on the following types:

Irish Whiskey

  • This type of whiskey is distilled in Ireland and the casks will be single malts. Irish whiskey is triple-distilled from unmalted barley and it must be aged for at least three years. The style is known for being smooth, light, and very drinkable. Irish whiskey used to be the most valuable in the world prior to the 1900’s. Many distilleries were forced to close throughout the 1900’s due to various economic conditions, but due to the increased global demand for Irish whiskey these distilleries are resurging. There are limited distilleries for the increased demand and consumption thus making Irish whiskey casks very desirable.

Scottish Whisky

  • This type of whiskey is distilled in Scotland and is commonly referred to as ‘Scotch’. The casks will be single malts made from malted barley and it must be aged for at least three years. The signature taste is a smokiness that is imparted by drying the malt over a peat-fueled fire. Different regions of Scotland produce single malts with many unique flavor characteristics. Scotch is the most well-established, recognized, and valued aged whisky in the world. Similar to Irish whiskey there are only so many distilleries for the increased current global demand for the spirit. Scotch is a mature market, but still has a commanding market share depending on the regions or distilleries where the spirit is made that drive and add value to each cask.

The casks purchased through crowdfunding will be acquired at wholesale prices directly from the distilleries within their first years of the aging process. They will be stored at bonded and insured warehouses as they age and accrue value for owners. These warehouses provide the optimal aging storage conditions for casks and monetary protection in the rare event of loss of the cask(s).

To maximize profits and to meet applicable aging requirements, whiskey casks will NOT be sold for at least 3 years after which a Whiskees NFTs community DAO voting mechanism will be established for NFT owners to determine when is the opportune time to sell the casks (3 years, 5 years, 10 years, etc…). The longer the term held the higher the return on the casks.

The amount and types of Irish whiskey or Scottish whisky casks purchased will depend on cask availability from distilleries post NFT sale.

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