Potential Returns

In addition to your NFT increasing in value in the secondary markets, such as JPG.store, you also can see returns from the whiskey ownership perspective providing a unique real world utility to Whiskees NFT’s.

Aged whiskey casks are an appreciating asset with a limited supply that increase in value as they age. Casks have historically seen returns of anywhere from 15-20% increases per year on average, but could be higher for casks originating from in-demand Irish or Scottish distilleries, similar to rare vintage wines. The team will try and source the best and rarest whiskey available at the time of cask purchases. Casks cannot be sold before 3 years of aging to meet the Irish whiskey or Scotch whisky aging requirements.

Although this may seem like an eternity in crypto years, it represents a steady, reliable, and real rate of return when compared to other investments. Casks held for 3 years are estimated to be valued +52-72% more than their original value based on historical data. Casks held for 5 years, +101-148%, and casks held for 10 years, +304-519%. The longer you HODL the greater the return for the whiskey casks at final sale.

It is important to remember that estimates above are based on current whiskey prices, market conditions, and demand. They do not take into account expected rises in inflation or increased global demand for aged whiskey spirits, thus providing potential to further increase the value of the casks beyond current estimates outlined above.

***Returns discussed above are estimations only based on current market conditions and are in NO WAY promises and / or guarantees for expected returns of future cask sales. There are many variables at play that may impact potential returns.***

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